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Overcome the cause of drowsiness from now on

Irresistible sleepiness can hamper our daily productivity. There are several factors that can cause a person to get sleepy, from lack of sleep, fatigue, to certain medical conditions. Then, how to overcome it? Let's consider the following review. The amount of sleep needed by an adult is around 7-9 hours a day. But sometimes, you may still feel sleepy even though you have had enough sleep, or even have slept longer than the recommended time. This irresistible sleepiness will certainly disrupt your activities and can endanger your safety. These are the factors that cause drowsiness Sleepiness is often caused by working late or working late into the night (staying up late). This results in less sleep and makes you sleepy the next day. In addition, complaints easily drowsy can also be caused by several other things, such as: 1. Certain medical conditions There are several medical conditions that can make you sleepy, including: Sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea
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The right trick to make your baby sleep all night

Mothers who have just had a baby may find it difficult to find a way to have a good night's sleep. Sleeping patterns of babies who are still often awake at night make mothers have to be willing to stay up. If that's what you feel right now, don't worry, there are a few tricks to make your little one sleep all night. Babies are not able to distinguish between day and night, so that sleep patterns become irregular. As a result, babies can sleep longer during the day and more active at night. This certainly can interfere with your mother's rest time at night. Tricks for Babies to Sleep soundly All Night As a guide, newborn babies will sleep for 8-9 hours during the day and approximately 8 hours at night. However, this does not mean that your child sleeps continuously throughout this time. Usually babies have a wake and sleep cycle every few hours. Generally, babies will wake up hungry, uncomfortable because the diaper is wet, or because of a hot environment. Well, t

Benefits and How to Make Avocado Masks

Since the days of the Aztec civilization until now, the benefits of avocados or avocados have been excellent as ingredients for the manufacture of beauty care products. Not surprisingly, avocados have antioxidant properties, so they are believed to be useful in preventing skin aging. Now let's examine together, is it true that avocados are good for the skin? Many beauty care products such as lotions, soaps, skin masks and avocado-based hair masks on the market. Not to forget, many salons offer treatments with avocado-based products. This is because avocados are believed to encourage hair growth, and are good for the skin, although more research is still needed to further confirm this. Avocados themselves are known to have the following ingredients. Folate, useful for repairing cells. Vitamin B, helps fight disease and infection. Vitamins C and E and phytonutrient compounds that can help prevent cancer. Monounsaturated fat, which is good for health because it can help r